Welcome on Piscine Molitor's memoria Web Site. This Swimming pool was located in Paris, XVIème arrondissement..., near Auteuil and Rolland Garros.

Built in the Thirthies, Molitor Swimming Pool (La Piscine-Molitor) is now disused (since 1989).
Trough this site, we wish to recall the history of Molitor, architecture, events, current look... after 15 years of disuse and ... unauthorized visits. Our sentimental visit to molitor wished to introduce past life in Molitor, past antics and decoration, remembrance...

Now in the 200x, from time to time, press and politics raise this issue... waiting for a better future and for projects.

If by chance you visited once Molitor, once collected pictures or material, or remember a special thinking about Molitor, we will be pleased to receive mail from you

Unfortunately, it was not possible to translate the whole of this site. We apologize for this inconvenience but wish you a very pleasant discovery of Molitor... even on french written pages!

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